An Even Smile in Just Six Months in Bristol

Adult Orthodontics at Beau Monde Dental Care

The idea of dental braces has been around for a very long time and rudimentary versions of them have been found during archeological excavations from time to time. Needless to say, these are of a variety that we would now refuse to wear. In fact, braces from just twenty years ago were still relatively unsophisticated and unfortunately many of us now have  crooked teeth as a result of refusing to wear these “train track” versions as teenagers. This refusal is probably not surprising given the appearance of traditional dental braces, combined with the fact that our teen years are when most people are looking for their first relationships.

It is often the thought of these old-style braces which puts most of us off the idea of wearing orthodontic appliances, even as we get older. However, its not too late to straighten teeth in older people and, what’s more, there are now new styles of brace which are much more comfortable and discreet to wear.

Six Month Smiles

The good news for all of our patients who are concerned about their uneven or crooked teeth is that, at our local dental practice, we offer a type of dental brace for adults in Bristol that is both fast acting and very discreet indeed. This product, called Six Month Smiles, is one of the most popular options for straightening of adult teeth. Unlike some orthodontics, Six Month Smiles is aimed primarily at those who wish to improve their appearance. The fact that it works so quickly is due largely to the fact that it works only on the visible front teeth and will not affect the rear teeth, which take much longer to move into their correct position. For those looking to correct a bite, for example, other forms of orthodontics are more suitable.

In most cases though, a person’s reasons for wishing to have straighter teeth are largely aesthetic. This may be for general purpose or for something specific such as a wedding day or major presentation. Because of the shorter time involved in this procedure, it is possible to plan in advance and have the teeth straightened in time for the big day.

It should be noted here, that the ‘six months’ is an average time that this treatment takes to work and in some cases it may take a little longer, or a little less, depending on the circumstances.

Plan in Advance

If you are hoping to have your teeth straightened in time for a specific date, we would advise you to call our Bristol practice on 0117 330 3495 or email us at more than six months before the day by which you hope to have the treatment finished. By arranging an appointment, we will be able to advise how long your particular treatment should take and adjust the timing accordingly.

A major bonus for all users of the Six Month Smile brace is that it is also discreet. Although it uses a similar system of as traditional braces, the materials used are both more refined and also tooth coloured, so, unless looking at your teeth close up, most people will simply not notice that you are wearing them.

As an additional bonus to our patients, we will also provide you with an initial course of tooth whitening gel so that you can not only have even teeth, but teeth that will look great too.