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Orthodontics in bristol

With many people feeling afraid, or at least cautious, of smiling due to their uneven teeth, an increasing number of adults are looking for a better smile.There are now faster, more discreet treatments available. Our orthodontic systems really does offer a great opportunity to correct this problem and bring some confidence back into a person's life. No more will you need to think twice about accepting invitations to social events but will be able to attend, fully confident about your appearance.

There are many people in the UK who suffer from crooked or uneven teeth. In many cases this is likely to be due to the refusal to wear traditional dental braces as a child. Whilst these braces were effective, they were far from discreet and it is perhaps no surprise that many children and teenagers especially, refused to wear them. Others may have worn these braces at the time, thereby correcting the problem, but then lost their retainers, causing their teeth to become crooked again over a period of time.

Adult Orthodontics
Fixed ceramic braces

Fixed ceramic braces

Ceramic braces are tooth coloured brackets that are fixed to the front of each tooth, they are discreet and blend in. For complicated cases, often the only solution is a set of fixed braces. These braces are proven to achieve excellent results, even in complicated cases such as excessively crowded mouths.

Clear discreet

Clear discreet

Lingual braces are used to align front teeth quickly and safely and are the most discreet, brace system available. Lingual braces are fixed braces attached to the back of your teeth, allowing treatment that is invisible when you smile.

Invisalign aligners

Invisalign aligners

Unlike fixed braces, Invisalign uses a series of clear aligners. Each aligner moves your teeth gradually over two weeks, before the next aligner is worn to continue the treatment. There are a number of removable, virtually invisible aligner systems that provide incredible results. Of these, the market leader is Invisalign.

Inman aligner

Inman aligner

The Inman Aligner is a simple removable appliance used to align front teeth quickly and safely. It's ideal as a standalone treatment or to prealign teeth prior to further cosmetic options such as bonding or minimal veneers.

Children’s Orthodontics.

Children’s Orthodontics

Metal brackets often known as a “train track brace” are cemented to the front of each tooth. We hold the wire in place with a choice of different coloured elastic bands, these are changed at each appointment.


As with all orthodontic treatments, it is necessary afterwards, to wear a retainer to prevent the teeth gradually working their way back to their incorrect positions. At beau monde dental care, we provide all our adult patients with a bonded retainer that is placed directly behind the teeth, together with a removable retainer included in the cost of your treatment.

Children will be provided with removable retainers included in the cost of their treatment, however bonded retainers can be provided at an extra cost.

Free consultations are available. If you then choose to progress further a full assessment will be needed, whereby photos and moulds of your teeth will be taken.

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