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Taking Care of your Child’s Teeth and Gums

Our Bristol dentist discusses why children’s oral health is so important.

Some recent newspaper reports have indicated that tooth decay is on the rise in the UK (1).

In some ways, this comes as a surprise given the raised awareness of a number of health issues over the years, plus the fact that sugar is now coming in for increased criticism from all sections of the health sector.

Having said that, as parents, we know that children are not aware of these factors, and, even if they were, would probably ignore it in favour of that sweet taste.

Bearing that in mind, we can see the importance of the adult taking responsibility for their child’s teeth.


Without a doubt, taking action to prevent tooth decay in children is key to good oral health.

Our dentists at Beau Monde Dental Care take no pleasure from seeing a distressed child with toothache and we are sure that neither do their parents.

The fact is that ensuring your child’s oral health is in good condition is really not that hard and just requires a few simple steps.


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Beau Monde Dental Care – The Bristol Family Dental Practice

Why choosing us as your dentist can benefit you and your children.

Although we are often described as a cosmetic dentist, this can sometimes distract from the fact that we also put a strong emphasis on dental care for all of the family.

Whilst our work does include procedures such as teeth whitening or dental veneers to ensure the best aesthetic results, the actual health of a patient’s teeth and mouth are extremely important to us and is our main focus.

Adult dental care

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Our Essential Dental Support Staff

The role of the dental nurse in our Bristol practice

Visiting the dentist has, over the past twenty years or so, become much more than simply having a check up and possibly a filling to keep a tooth sufficiently strong and functional.

These days, patients expect significantly more from their dentist and, accordingly, the role of a general dentist has developed to cover a wider range of procedures than previously.

Inevitably, this has resulted in speciality fields such as endodontics and oral surgeons and the role of the supporting staff has become even more essential than before to enable the dentist to focus on the complex job in hand.

Anxious dental patients

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Halitosis and Appropriate Dental Treatment

Solutions for bad breath at our Bristol dental practice.

Bad breath may not be noticed by the person who actually suffers from it; in fact it is really quite difficult to smell your own breath. You can be sure though that, when you talk to others, you will notice their reaction as they reel back if your breath is smelly.

There are a number of factors which can contribute to halitosis (bad breath) and, by and large, it is entirely avoidable provided that certain factors are considered and the correct action taken.


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Giving Your Children A Positive Start With Their Oral Health Care at Beau Monde Dental in Bristol

Good early dental habits that last a lifetime

Those of us who have children will probably be constantly reminded about how the world revolves around them. The chances are, if we can think back that far, that we also felt the same at that age. Of course, as adults, we now realise that we depended far more heavily on our parents to guide us than we realised and that includes our health care.

It can tempting, as a parent, to give way to a child’s demands simply for some peace and quiet. However, when it comes to their craving for sweets, giving way may well set bad habits that will be continued throughout their lives and should be avoided as much as possible in order to prevent poor dental health.

Recent news reports have stated that around a third of all children in the UK suffer from dental decay to some extent. This figure could, undoubtedly, be reduced if a better awareness of dental health was instilled at an early age.

Teeth Cleaning

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From Young to Old, Everyone Needs Good Dental Care

Prevention is the key to the overall quality of oral health for our Bristol patients.

With so much being written and discussed about the benefits of cosmetic dental procedures; perhaps it is not surprising that the more run of the mill dental work is easily forgotten. This is not, of course, to say that cosmetic dentistry has no value. It most definitely does and not only aids in the restoration of teeth but offers the patient a new lease of life in many cases; something which should not be underestimated.

As a family dentist based in Bristol, we know the importance of looking after patients from a very young age right through to their later years. At Beau Monde Dental Care, we ensure that all of our patients receive the top quality care and advice that is needed.

Dental Appointments

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Dental Care for All the Family

Family dental services offered at Beau Monde Dental Care of Bristol

Having healthy teeth is something that many of us don’t think about until it is too late. However, if we follow the fundamentals of good dental health i.e. good preventative care and also ensuring that our teeth are cleaned well and on a regular basis, then we can go a long way to keeping our oral health in great shape. Secondly, when minor issues do arise, we must ensure that these are treated by a professional dentist whilst still in the early stages and not allowed to develop into a major problem.

What we can offer

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