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Tooth Coloured Fillings – Not Just For Your Looks?

Aesthetically pleasing alternatives to amalgam fillings from your local Bristol dentist

We are all fortunate indeed if we manage to go through life without so much as a single filling. In fact, most of us will have had several fillings by the time we reach middle age.

The vast majority of these fillings will be of the amalgam variety, which, although offering a good level of strength, unfortunately are likely to detract from our appearance when we smile or laugh.

As well as the unappealing appearance of amalgam fillings though, a number of people have expressed concerns about potential health issues. This has been a debate that has been going on for a number of years, but it is generally recognised that, because amalgam fillings contain mercury, a highly toxic material, their use should be phased out over a period of time as suitable alternatives are found. However, it is only fair to add that currently, UK legislation still considers that amalgam fillings are safe to use, despite the growing concerns elsewhere.

Toxicity concerns

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Alternatives to Amalgam Fillings in Bristol

Whiter teeth with tooth coloured, mercury-free fillings.

Having a dental filling is perhaps the most common dental procedure that most people will experience during their lifetime. Although some find them mildly unpleasant, in the vast majority of cases a filling can be carried out quickly and easily and will prevent further damage being caused by dental decay.

As well as replacing the part of the tooth that has become decayed though, a filling also needs to provide it with strength to allow its normal use when eating and chewing. This factor has led to the use of strong product called amalgam which is a mixture of metals including silver, tin, copper and, most controversially, mercury.

Because of its strength, mercury has been used for a very long time and, until quite recently, there simply has been no alternative that offered the strength and durability that it afforded. There have, however, been a number of pieces of research carried out which has caused doubt about the safety of its use in dental work.

Mercury Poisoning

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