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Reducing Those Premature Wrinkles and Lines

Avoiding wrinkles and crow’s feet with facial aesthetics from Beau Monde Dental Care.

However much we pretend that it will not happen; the reality is that we all get older. Often we find ourselves looking in the mirror, seeing an older person than we actually feel looking back at us.

Whereas once, forty was considered to be ‘middle aged’; for many people nowadays, this is still an age when we are free to live a busy social life, especially if our children are grown up or old enough to be independent.

However young we feel though, the likelihood is that we will have gained a few lines and wrinkles, over the years, which tend to give away our true age.

Facial aesthetics

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Armpit Perspiration Problems

How Botox may provide relief from this embarrassing problem.

We all sweat; this is a fact of life and one that helps to keep us healthy by ridding the body of toxins and helping us to cool down instead of overheating.

For some people though, excessive sweating can be a problem and can certainly play on a person’s mind in a social situation, often causing them to withdraw from their social life altogether.

Whilst anti antiperspirants may help some people; for those with excessive perspiration problems, they are unlikely to be effective enough.

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Keeping Your Skin Young Looking in Later Life

How Botox treatment at our Bristol Dental Practice can help.

We would perhaps all like to think that the skin that we had as children, healthy looking with a good amount of elasticity, would last us all the way through our lifetime. As we know though, like the rest of our body, our skin eventually shows signs of ageing and may not have the pleasing appeal that it once did.

With other aspects of our body, we are often able to hide the effects through choosing the right clothes to wear, and our hair can always be ‘beautified’ with a visit to the hairdressers.

When it comes to our facial features though, the lines and wrinkles that appear on our face are very difficult to mask. Whilst there are certain creams available that may help a little, these can only go so far in helping to make our skin look younger.


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Facial Aesthetics Now Available At Beau Monde Dental Care

Facial aesthetics complementing quality oral healthcare at your local Bristol dentist

Most of us would probably claim to clean our teeth at least twice a day and consider that we look after our teeth fairly well on the whole. The majority of us visit  a local Bristol dentist on a regular basis to keep on top of any problems that may, if left untreated, escalate into more significant problems such as gum disease.

This is certainly to be commended although there may still be room for some improvement. At Beau Monde Dental Care in Bristol, we advise our patients to try using a timer when they brush their teeth, ensuring that they brush for the full two minutes. Many patients express surprise at how long this feels when it is actually being timed.

Another top tip for your dental care is to make sure that you floss your teeth to remove the debris that becomes trapped between your teeth and which can lead to decay or gum disease. We appreciate that some people do find this difficult but, generally, practice makes perfect and after doing this for a while, most people find it becomes second nature. There are also interdental sticks now available which some people prefer to use.

White and Bright

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