Spring into Summer with a Rejuvenated Appearance

How we can help you to look your best for the Summer months ahead.

Although it may not look much like it, looking at the sky as I write this blog post; Summer is only about a month away and many of us will be looking forward to feeling some sunshine on our faces.

It is often a time too, when we treat ourselves to a new wardrobe and, for many people, it is also a time to re-assess how they look.

A Summer Smile

As dentists in Bristol, we often see an increase in the number of people who wish to have a whiter smile for the Summer months. Most of these patients will benefit from our simple teeth whitening procedures.

Those with bad staining or who have chipped and cracked teeth may need more comprehensive treatment such as dental veneers to correct the problem and create a lovely new smile.

Apart from the teeth though, we can also offer our patients facial aesthetic treatments to help rejuvenate their skin and ease out those persistent wrinkles that appear over time.

Facial Aesthetics

If you have treated yourself to a nice white smile, it would seem a shame not to also consider your skin. In years gone by, this was easier said than done and millions of pounds have been spent on moisturisers, which, whilst helping, only delay the inevitable.

For those who already have wrinkles and frown lines, our facial cinicians at Beau Monde Dental Care can help to iron those out. By injecting a small amount of muscle relaxant into the skin, using a very fine needle, the muscles slowly start to relax and the wrinkles begin to disappear.

Dermal fillers can also be used. These are also injected into the skin and act by replacing the lost collagen which gives the skin its elasticity. ‘Fillers’ can be especially effective in plumping up the lips a little too.

You should not be afraid by some celebrity pictures that you may have seen where treatments have gone wrong. It is highly likely that these were caused by the patient’s excessive demands or where the clinician didn’t follow standard procedures.

At our Bristol facial rejuvenation clinic, you can be assured that those administering the procedure are fully trained and will discuss the outcome with you before proceeding. We are extremely proud of the many satisfied patients who have benefited from facial aesthetics at our clinic and who have told us just how pleased they were and how it gave them added confidence.

Why not pop in and see us and have a chat about how we can help to give you a great look for the Summer months ahead? Please call Beau Monde Dental Care on 0117 330 3495.