Straighter Teeth with Modern Orthodontics – Six Month Smiles

Highly visible braces are now a thing of the past at Beau Monde Dental in Bristol

Many of us who can still remember the school dentist can also remember a few fellow pupils who suffered the indignity of having to wear dental braces.

Back then, these were highly visible and could result in embarrassment and, on occasions, even bullying.

Whilst their use was to benefit the wearer in the long term, by straightening out crooked and uneven teeth; for many people, any positive effects were negated by the experiences they suffered whilst wearing them.

Modern orthodontics

Whilst there are still probably many people in the Bristol area who can recall this type of dental brace, things have certainly changed since then and, at Beau Monde Dental Care, we are now able to offer one of the most popular of the new range of modern adult orthodontics to our patents; the Six Months Smiles cosmetic braces system.

In fact, we are a recognised provider of this product and, as such, you can be assured of top quality care when it comes to straightening your teeth.

Why Six Months?

As the name implies, this is also a fast acting orthodontic system which works at a much faster rate than many other orthodontics.

It does this by acting to reposition the visible front teeth only. If correction is needed on the rear teeth, there are other orthodontics that will do this job.

In reality though, the vast majority of re-alignment is done for aesthetic reasons and, quite naturally, it is the front teeth that people notice when we smile.

By using the Six Month Smile system, you can be assured that your teeth will be correctly positioned quickly and accurately. In fact, the six months is only an average and, for only slightly crooked teeth, the time taken to correct them may be much less. Our highly regarded Bristol dentist will be able to advise you of the expected timescale at your consultation.

Discreet braces

Although the Six Month Smile uses a similar system to the old styled ‘train track’ dark metal braces; the materials used are designed to be far more discreet. Not only are the wires and brackets made from much finer materials but are also produced in a colour that matches your natural teeth.

After just a few months of using this discreet orthodontic system, the braces can be removed and you will be able to smile again without being concerned about the crookedness of your teeth.

To arrange a Six Month Smile consultation, please call Beau Monde Dental Care on 0117 330 3495.