Planning for a Spring Wedding?

If so, now is the time to be considering the Six Month Smiles orthodontic procedure.

Getting married is one of the biggest days of our lives and we quite naturally want everything to go perfectly on the day. Whilst some of this may be down to luck, a lot of it revolves around planning; booking the venue, the photographer etc.

Whilst finding a good photographer is important though, what happens if you have teeth that look far from perfect and will inevitably appear in close up when you smile for the camera?

Adult Orthodontics

Everyone knows that traditional dental braces can be used to realign crooked teeth, but also that this can take a long period of time. Plus, there is the potential embarrassment factor of wearing them during this period.

What perhaps fewer people know though, is that braces are now available which are especially designed for adults which not only work quickly but are also very discreet and almost invisible to others.

One of these so-called adult orthodontic systems is the popular Six Month Smiles procedure which we are pleased to offer at Beau Monde Dental Care in Bristol.

As the name suggests, these braces can straighten a patient’s teeth in just six months and, in some cases where misalignment is not severe, much less. The important thing for any Bristol brides-to-be though, is to ensure that sufficient time is left for them to work so that your teeth are straight on your big day.

Recognised Provider

As a recognised provider of Six Month Smiles, we have been happy to use this procedure to improve peoples’ smiles from all walks of life. It is a fast acting and effective procedure that has brought a lot of joy to many people.

The brace works quickly by acting only on the visible teeth and not on crooked rear teeth which are less noticeable and significantly more difficult to move – this is the reason for the longer length of time some other types of orthodontics take.

The braces also use very fine tooth coloured wire and brackets which means that they are barely visible to others unless they look very closely indeed. This means that not only will you end up with an even set of teeth but will not suffer unduly in the meantime through embarrassment.

By ensuring that your visit our convenient Bristol dentist for a free Six Month Smile assessment now, you should be leaving sufficient time for the braces to do their work in time for your wedding.

Finishing Touches

Once your teeth have been straightened, you may also like to consider putting the finishing touches to your smile by having a fast acting teeth whitening procedure that will really help to make your smile on your wedding day one to remember.

Please call now to arrange your free Six Month Smile assessment on 0117 330 3495.