Reversing the Effects of Ageing on our Teeth

Whiter teeth for a younger looking smile at Beau Monde Dental Care.

Although we may not like to think about it too much, all of us, rich, poor or somewhere in-between, are getting older each day.

Moment by moment, we barely think about this but if we look back over the last few years of our lives, most of us will have noticed some physical changes. As well as generally slowing down as we get older, most of us will have added a few lines to our face, perhaps more grey hair or even hair loss. One thing that is almost certain though is that our teeth will no longer be as white as they once were.

Not just lifestyle….

Although our lifestyle will affect the discolouration of our teeth; for example, through smoking, it is an inevitable fact of getting older that the inner part of our teeth darken over time and give our teeth a duller, often yellow, appearance.

Unfortunately, no amount of brushing will make any difference to this discolouration and even products such as teeth whitening toothpastes will only make a very minimal difference due to limitations on the amount of the whitening agent allowed for safety reasons.

The only viable alternative to having discoloured teeth is to opt for one of two cosmetic dental procedures on offer at our Bristol dentist. The most commonly used of these procedures is the teeth whitening process. Popular due to its immediate effect and the dramatic difference that it can make to the whiteness of the teeth, this procedure is both affordable and takes only around one hour.

Some people do choose to come back from time to time to keep the whiteness topped up, whilst others may use the procedure to look good for a special event such as a wedding or other family gathering.

The procedure is painless and no local anaesthetic is needed.


Another option for whitening of the teeth is to have the front of the teeth replaced with dental veneers. This involves the removal of a fine layer from the front of the teeth and a similar thickness veneer attached in its place in a similar manner to a false fingernail.

This procedure is done in two stages as the veneers are produced in a laboratory following the preparation. A local anaesthetic may be used as, although not a painful procedure, some people may experience a slight degree of discomfort during preparation of the surface of the teeth. Generally speaking, dental veneers are only used for teeth whitening when the teeth are very badly stained, such as in the case of a long term heavy smoker. They are also excellent though for anyone whose teeth are also chipped or cracked.

Both of these cosmetic dental procedure will enable you to have a white smile once more and help to reverse signs of the ageing process a little.

And also …..

Once you have your teeth looking white, you may be interested in our facial aesthetics service at Beau Monde Dental Care where we offer a range of treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers to smooth out those annoying lines and wrinkles that develop over the years.

We will discuss these in more detail in a future blog post, but, if you would like more information now, either about these or our teeth whitening services, please contact our Bristol cosmetic dentist on 0117 330 3495.