Cosmetic Dentistry – Aesthetic Benefits Only?

Some cosmetic dental procedures offer much more than simply aesthetic improvement for our Bristol patients

We are all familiar with cosmetic surgery. Thanks to many celebrities over the years we now know about the wide range of procedures that are available. Although cosmetic dentistry is perhaps still less well known, it is gradually entering the thoughts of an increasing number of people throughout the UK.

At Beau Monde Dental Care of Bristol, although we are a relatively new dental practice which opened in June 2013, we are now able to provide cosmetic dentistry which offers a number of significant benefits to our patients.

Cosmetic benefits

Most of the more obvious benefits of many of our procedures are largely cosmetic. Some, like our teeth whitening procedure is, it has to be said, primarily of cosmetic benefit only in that it makes no difference to the functionality of the patient’s teeth. There are however, other benefits and more of that later.

Other procedures such as our adult orthodontics also improve the appearance of the patient’s teeth by giving them an even smile. The same applies to dental veneers.

More than just cosmetic

Perhaps the most significant improvement from a functionality point of view of our cosmetic procedures is that of adult orthodontics. By using the Six Month Smiles procedure, we are able to straighten a patient’s teeth quickly and effectively, improving their appearance.

A lesser known benefit of this though is that, for some cases, it can also improve a person’s bite enabling them to eat more effectively. It can also reduce the risk of jaw pain which can occur when a patient has an incorrect bite for a period of time.

This is all well and good you may say, but what about teeth whitening and dental veneers? Surely these can only have purely cosmetic benefits.

Whilst this is true as far as the actual teeth are concerned, what should not be overlooked is the psychological benefit which patients gain from these procedures. Many patients from Bristol that visit our dental practice in Westbury Park come to us with teeth that are quite badly discoloured and, on occasions, also chipped and cracked.

Whilst this may matter less with the hidden rear teeth, when your front teeth look unappealing, this is likely to result in a loss of confidence and a reluctance to smile or laugh, and sometimes even speak, in front of others.

By whitening a patient’s teeth or, in cases where the staining is too severe or they are chipped or cracked, by using dental veneers, we can improve not only the appearance of the teeth but, indirectly, the patient’s confidence too.

With many surveys showing that confident people are more likely to achieve their aims as far as career and relationships go, both of these procedures can certainly be said to have more than just a simple cosmetic benefit.

For more information about the cosmetic dental procedures that we have available at Beau Monde Dental Care, please call our Bristol practice on 0117 330 3495.