The Benefits of Cosmetic Dentistry

How visiting a cosmetic dentist in Bristol can put a smile on your face

Whilst most of us visit a dentist on a reasonably regular basis to ensure that our teeth remain healthy, a growing number are also now going, not only to have healthy teeth and gums, but teeth that look great too.

With the growing number of cosmetic dental procedures that are now available, we are pleased, at Beau Monde Dental Care, to be able to offer these latest treatments to our dental patients from Bristol and the surrounding areas.

Whether your teeth have become discoloured over a period of time or are, perhaps, not correctly aligned, we are able to help you to correct these problems and put a real smile back onto your face.

Tooth Whitening

Perhaps the most popular of all cosmetic dental procedures is tooth whitening. This is a simple and quick procedure that also offers near instant results. Simply by applying a whitening gel on the patient’s teeth and activating this using a special light, the inner cells of the patient’s teeth will lighten in shade very significantly indeed, making the teeth appear much whiter.

It should be noted that, due to limitations on the amount of the whitening ingredient that is allowed in toothpastes, these will have a very minimal effect on the whiteness of a person’s teeth and a professional tooth whitening procedure is the most effective by far.

Adult Orthodontics

Every adult remembers dental braces; whether worn by themselves or their friends. Without a doubt, they were not pleasant to wear and whilst effective, were the cause of much misery for some children.

This factor often discouraged many from wearing them at all, leaving them with crooked and uneven teeth well into their adult life. Until relatively recently, it was generally accepted that nothing could be done about this unless, in an unlikely scenario, the patient was prepared to wear metal braces again!

Thankfully though, there are now a wide range of adult orthodontics available and at Beau Monde Dental Care, we offer one of the most popular, the Six Month Smile. As the name suggests, this treatment takes approximately 6 months to work although this is an average and, depending on the severity of the problem, may take a little less or a little more.

By focusing only on the visible teeth, this procedure is able to work much quicker than if the rear teeth were also to be straightened.

Whilst using the standard wire and brackets approach, the materials used in this procedure are both tooth coloured and of a smaller size than in standard braces. This allows the wearer not only to have their teeth straightened but to do so in a manner that also offers discretion.

Whilst the above procedures are two of our most popular, we also offer a range of other procedures which can be used to improve the appearance of a patient’s teeth and these include dental veneers, dental crowns and white coloured fillings.

We will be discussing all of these in future posts so please do come back and check them out.

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