Reducing Those Premature Wrinkles and Lines

Avoiding wrinkles and crow’s feet with facial aesthetics from Beau Monde Dental Care.

However much we pretend that it will not happen; the reality is that we all get older. Often we find ourselves looking in the mirror, seeing an older person than we actually feel looking back at us.

Whereas once, forty was considered to be ‘middle aged’; for many people nowadays, this is still an age when we are free to live a busy social life, especially if our children are grown up or old enough to be independent.

However young we feel though, the likelihood is that we will have gained a few lines and wrinkles, over the years, which tend to give away our true age.

Facial aesthetics

The good news for anyone in the Avon area who has noticed the lines and wrinkles on their face and wishes to do something about it, is that we are much more than just your local friendly Bristol dentist! We are also pleased to offer our patients facial aesthetics to help restore the appearance of smooth skin.

Whether your wrinkles are around your eyes (often referred to as ‘crow’s feet’), or on your forehead, we have treatments available to reduce these considerably. Thinning lips too can also be ‘plumped’ out to give you a younger appearance.

Muscle Relaxants

Muscle relaxants are a popular way to smooth out facial wrinkles and are simple to administer by our trained team at Beau Monde Dental Care.

The relaxant is simply injected, in small quantities, into the affected areas and, over a few days, the facial muscles start to relax and the wrinkles start to disappear.

Whilst only taking a few days to work, the results should last for several months. We will be able to advise you on this at your appointment with us.

Although some patients come to us for facial aesthetic improvements for a single event, such as a wedding; many are so pleased with the results that they return to us to maintain their smooth skin.

Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are especially useful for replenishing areas of the face where the natural collagen has been lost. This is something that occurs for all of us over time and affects areas such as the lips and nose. The collagen loss causes a loss of elasticity and can make us appear older.

By using a dermal filler, thinning lips can also be restored to give a fuller appearance.

If you are planning to have either of these procedures done for a specific event such as a wedding, it is advisable to do so a little in advance. Although the relaxants and fillers are simply injected using a very fine needle, a little localised bruising may occur which can last for a few days.

For more information about our facial aesthetics service in Bristol, please call Beau Monde Dental Care on 0117 330 3495