Month: October 2014

Planning for a Spring Wedding?

If so, now is the time to be considering the Six Month Smiles orthodontic procedure.

Getting married is one of the biggest days of our lives and we quite naturally want everything to go perfectly on the day. Whilst some of this may be down to luck, a lot of it revolves around planning; booking the venue, the photographer etc.

Whilst finding a good photographer is important though, what happens if you have teeth that look far from perfect and will inevitably appear in close up when you smile for the camera?

Adult Orthodontics

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Your Questions About Traditional Amalgam Fillings

Are mercury free fillings a healthier option?

Amalgam fillings have been used for a long time and have proved to be a strong method of filling a damaged tooth.

Increasingly though, patients are beginning to question whether they want this type of filling due to its lack of aesthetic appeal but also to the potential dangers of the use of mercury in them.

Our Bristol cosmetic dentist takes a look at some questions about amalgam fillings and the white tooth filling alternatives below.

Q – Why the concern about the use of mercury?

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2 Minute Oral Health Tips

Taking care of your teeth and gums doesn’t have to take up a lot of time.

Life, it seems, just gets busier and busier and, as we rush about our daily lives, whether working or looking after the children, it is almost inevitable that some things fall by the wayside to make room.

Usually, the things that go first are those  that don’t seem to need our immediate attention. One of these may well be our oral health care. Whilst most of us will still, at least, give our teeth a cursory brushing morning and night, often this is done largely because it makes our mouths feel fresher rather than due to any concerns about our oral health.

Decay and Gum Disease

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