Tooth Whitening Toothpastes

A closer look at this widely advertised product.

Turn on the TV at any time of the day and you will almost certainly come across advertisements for various brands of tooth whitening toothpaste. Understandably, as they are trying to sell a product, the models used in the adverts have beautiful white teeth that perhaps make some people envious.

But how successful are these toothpastes and do they really work?

When patients come to see one of our Bristol dentists, they often remark how they are dissatisfied with the colour of their teeth and would like them to be whiter. Almost inevitably, they mention whitening toothpastes.

We have to break the news to them that, whilst these do work, they only do so to a small extent.

The reason for this is that there are restrictions on the amount of whitening agent which is allowed in these pastes. This is for health and safety reasons, especially as toothpastes are usually kept within easy reach of children and could prove to be very dangerous if large quantities of what is essentially a bleaching agent were consumed.

Top up

For those whose teeth are almost perfect but just require a small ‘lift’, these toothpastes may help maintain the whiteness. The same applies following a tooth whitening procedure; there is no harm in using these to try to extend the length of time the teeth remain white.

This, however, is about the limit of their success, and, for most of us, they are unlikely to make a noticeable difference if our teeth are stained or discoloured.

To rectify these issues, a professional tooth whitening procedure, such as those available at Beau Monde Dental Care, is the best option.

Apart from those with very severely stained teeth, for whom dental veneers may be a better option, one of the fast acting teeth whitening treatments; either the Wy10 or Enlighten,  will enable the patient to have significantly whiter teeth in just a short period of time.

Benefits of whiter teeth

Unlike the models in the adverts, our patients should really notice a significant improvement in the appearance of their teeth following this procedure.

Not only will your smile be whiter and more appealing but, many of our dental patients from Bristol have also noted that they feel more confident and willing to socialise than before.

To book a teeth whitening treatment at Beau Monde Dental Care, please call us at our Westbury Park practice on 0117 330 3495.