Dental Care for All the Family

Family dental services offered at Beau Monde Dental Care of Bristol

Having healthy teeth is something that many of us don’t think about until it is too late. However, if we follow the fundamentals of good dental health i.e. good preventative care and also ensuring that our teeth are cleaned well and on a regular basis, then we can go a long way to keeping our oral health in great shape. Secondly, when minor issues do arise, we must ensure that these are treated by a professional dentist whilst still in the early stages and not allowed to develop into a major problem.

What we can offer

At our Bristol dental practice, we offer a range of services which we know will help to protect the dental health of our patients.

The most important thing that anyone can do to protect their teeth is to ensure that they keep regular dental appointments; this is irrespective of how well you clean and floss your teeth. Even the best maintained teeth can have problems and these are sometimes caused by events that are out of our control, such as minor accidents.

In events such as these, small chips or cracks may occur which may have no immediate effect but which, if left, may lead to decay. Our professional dentists are able, through examination and x-rays, to spot these minor problems and treat them at an early stage with relatively minor procedures.

Gum Disease

Another very good reason for ensuring that you visit our Bristol dental practice regularly is to keep an eye on any potential development of gum disease. This is actually one of the major causes of tooth loss and, if left untreated, can be very serious indeed.

Initially, gum disease is likely to cause sore or red gums with some bleeding when brushing. Not all of these symptoms may occur though and it may be difficult for the patient to spot. It can also occur at those difficult to clean places, such as at the back of the rear teeth. By using mirrors, our dentists are able to detect early signs and treat them accordingly.

In fact, in its early stages, gum disease is often treatable simply by improving the cleaning regime. In some cases, though, the hardened bacteria, sometimes called plaque, will need to be removed by more rigorous cleaning by the dentist or hygienist.

If left to advance, gum disease can lead to periodontitis which will also attack the bone structure which holds our teeth in place and can cause them to become loose and fall out.

From the very young to the very old though, looking after your teeth is something that should be taken seriously and will be of great benefit as you get older. Not only will you be able to continue eating your favourite foods, unrestricted by poor teeth, but you can also have the benefits of a lasting smile too.

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