Toothache or Painful Teeth?

Don’t ignore a dental problem!

Because many of us lead busy lives, there can sometimes be a temptation to ignore minor problems, hoping that they will simply go away. This also applies to our teeth, and it is probably not too uncommon for those who may have had minor problems to have ignored them, providing that the discomfort was not too significant.

Whilst this may be understandable, it is not a good policy to pursue. Any signs of discomfort or sensitivity can be a warning that there is a problem which is almost certainly only going to get worse.

By ignoring it, what may have initially needed just a simple filling at our Bristol dental surgery may well eventually result in a more invasive, and potentially more expensive, treatment.

Regular care

At Beau Monde Dental Care, we encourage all of our patients to visit us for check ups at least twice a year. In cases, where dental problems may be more likely due to medical conditions such as diabetes, for example, we may suggest more regular checks.

If you suffer from discomfort though, especially if it lasts for more than a day, you should arrange an appointment with one of our Bristol dentists, even if you have only seen us very recently.

Whilst problems such as decay will have been spotted during a check up, other problems can arise quickly and suddenly, such as a chipped or cracked tooth. With prompt treatment though, these can be resolved quickly and efficiently, preventing further damage, in most cases.

Root canal

If a tooth becomes painful, it may not even be down to tooth decay at all but could be the result of an infection in the soft pulp part of the tooth where the nerves and tiny blood vessels are stored.

This type of pain can rarely be ignored and, at Beau Monde Dental Care, we will do all that we can to see a patent who is in pain on the same day. Patients can help us with this by calling us as soon as possible on the day.

If the tooth has become infected in the root canals, then a root procedure will be needed. This should not be feared and should cause no more discomfort than other invasive dental procedures.

It is the most effective method of not only removing the pain, but also preserving your natural tooth, thereby removing the need for extraction and replacement through other means such as a partial denture, bridge or implant.

In summary then, please keep your dental appointments so that any treatment needed can be done at an early stage, but, if you are in pain or discomfort, call Beau Monde Dental Care on 0117 330 3495 as soon as you can and don’t simply hope that it will go away!