Month: May 2015

Spring into Summer with a Rejuvenated Appearance

How we can help you to look your best for the Summer months ahead.

Although it may not look much like it, looking at the sky as I write this blog post; Summer is only about a month away and many of us will be looking forward to feeling some sunshine on our faces.

It is often a time too, when we treat ourselves to a new wardrobe and, for many people, it is also a time to re-assess how they look.

A Summer Smile

As dentists in Bristol, we often see an increase in the number of people who wish to have a whiter smile for the Summer months. Most of these patients will benefit from our simple teeth whitening procedures.

Those with bad staining or who have chipped and cracked teeth may need more comprehensive treatment such as dental veneers to correct the problem and create a lovely new smile.

Apart from the teeth though, we can also offer our patients facial aesthetic treatments to help rejuvenate their skin and ease out those persistent wrinkles that appear over time.

Facial Aesthetics

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Toothache or Painful Teeth?

Don’t ignore a dental problem!

Because many of us lead busy lives, there can sometimes be a temptation to ignore minor problems, hoping that they will simply go away. This also applies to our teeth, and it is probably not too uncommon for those who may have had minor problems to have ignored them, providing that the discomfort was not too significant.

Whilst this may be understandable, it is not a good policy to pursue. Any signs of discomfort or sensitivity can be a warning that there is a problem which is almost certainly only going to get worse.

By ignoring it, what may have initially needed just a simple filling at our Bristol dental surgery may well eventually result in a more invasive, and potentially more expensive, treatment.

Regular care

At Beau Monde Dental Care, we encourage all of our patients to visit us for check ups at least twice a year. In cases, where dental problems may be more likely due to medical conditions such as diabetes, for example, we may suggest more regular checks.

If you suffer from discomfort though, especially if it lasts for more than a day, you should arrange an appointment with one of our Bristol dentists, even if you have only seen us very recently.

Whilst problems such as decay will have been spotted during a check up, other problems can arise quickly and suddenly, such as a chipped or cracked tooth. With prompt treatment though, these can be resolved quickly and efficiently, preventing further damage, in most cases.

Root canal

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The Six Month Smile for Faster, Straighter Teeth

Why wait for a year or more to have an attractive, even smile?

If you are a follower of Beau Monde Dental Care on Facebook, you will have seen some recent photographs that were taken of our patients who have had their teeth straightened by our Bristol dentist Dr Nicola White.

The differences between the ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures are quite significant and the patient’s smile greatly improved.

Six Month Smile

These smiles were achieved through the use of the Six Month Smiles orthodontic system, of which Beau Monde Dental Care is a recognised provider. This means that you can be assured of excellent care whilst you have your teeth straightened.

Whilst the Six Month Smiles may not always be the best option for some corrective procedures, namely those patients where the rear teeth need repositioning, it does offer a very fast and successful way of straightening out a crooked smile.

This is achieved by focusing the straightening on the visible front teeth only, which means that we only need a relatively short treatment period to restore your smile.

The procedure

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