Month: July 2014

Reversing the Effects of Ageing on our Teeth

Whiter teeth for a younger looking smile at Beau Monde Dental Care.

Although we may not like to think about it too much, all of us, rich, poor or somewhere in-between, are getting older each day.

Moment by moment, we barely think about this but if we look back over the last few years of our lives, most of us will have noticed some physical changes. As well as generally slowing down as we get older, most of us will have added a few lines to our face, perhaps more grey hair or even hair loss. One thing that is almost certain though is that our teeth will no longer be as white as they once were.

Not just lifestyle….

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Adult Orthodontic Treatments in Bristol

Teeth realignment is not for teenagers alone.

Remember when you were told that you needed dental braces as a teenager? Like many, when you heard this you probably refused to have the treatment done. After all, your teeth weren’t that crooked were they?

Although probably most teenagers did accept having braces, a significant number certainly did not, deterred by their appearance and the amount of potential bullying that was likely to follow. Given that the teenage years are important in terms of building a social life and developing character, it is hardly surprise that wearing “train track” braces did not come very high up the list of ‘should dos’!

What can be done in adult life?

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Halitosis and Appropriate Dental Treatment

Solutions for bad breath at our Bristol dental practice.

Bad breath may not be noticed by the person who actually suffers from it; in fact it is really quite difficult to smell your own breath. You can be sure though that, when you talk to others, you will notice their reaction as they reel back if your breath is smelly.

There are a number of factors which can contribute to halitosis (bad breath) and, by and large, it is entirely avoidable provided that certain factors are considered and the correct action taken.


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Giving Your Children A Positive Start With Their Oral Health Care at Beau Monde Dental in Bristol

Good early dental habits that last a lifetime

Those of us who have children will probably be constantly reminded about how the world revolves around them. The chances are, if we can think back that far, that we also felt the same at that age. Of course, as adults, we now realise that we depended far more heavily on our parents to guide us than we realised and that includes our health care.

It can tempting, as a parent, to give way to a child’s demands simply for some peace and quiet. However, when it comes to their craving for sweets, giving way may well set bad habits that will be continued throughout their lives and should be avoided as much as possible in order to prevent poor dental health.

Recent news reports have stated that around a third of all children in the UK suffer from dental decay to some extent. This figure could, undoubtedly, be reduced if a better awareness of dental health was instilled at an early age.

Teeth Cleaning

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