Repairing Dental Crowns – Advice From Your Bristol Dentist

What to do when a crown becomes detached.

Dental crowns are an excellent way to repair a broken tooth; this is especially so when the breakage is too large to be repaired through the use of a filling, whether this be a standard amalgam one or one of the white fillings which are available at our Bristol dental practice.

Dental crowns are usually fitted by one of two methods, depending on the integrity and size of the remaining natural tooth. In many cases, the remnant of the natural tooth will be shaped and prepared and the crown, which is produced at a dental laboratory, will then be attached to the tooth using strong dental cement.

In cases where there is insufficient natural tooth left for this method to be successful, a post is usually placed into the tooth and the crown will then be attached to this. Usually, either of these methods will provide the patient with a strong tooth; however there are occasions when these do become detached, for example biting something hard unexpectedly, or even a sporting accident can cause the crown to become detached.

Don’t Panic

Of course, when a crown does become detached it is important to get this rectified as soon as possible. Sadly, there have been cases where patients have chosen to do a bit of DIY and have used superglue to re-attach the crown. This is of course, the worst possible thing that you can do!

These glues are exceptionally strong and if used, means that when you visit the dentist, they may not be able to remove it without damaging the natural tooth. In some circumstances this may even mean loss of the tooth.

The first thing that you should do if the crown becomes detached is to contact Beau Monde Dental Care straightaway so that we can advise you on what to do next. We will also endeavour to arrange a speedy appointment so that it can be repaired by one of our highly qualified Bristol dentists.

If you are away from home when the crown becomes detached and are unable to see a dentist for a few days, there are small repair kits available from chemists in the UK which contain a small quantity of dental cement. This is far preferable to the superglue scenario and can help to keep your tooth comfortable until such time that you are able to make a dental appointment. However, this really is only as a temporary measure.

Taking Care

If the tooth is not causing you any significant discomfort and you are able to see a dentist fairly quickly, it is advisable not to attempt to re-attach it yourself, even using the dental repair kit. It is important though, that you avoid causing any further damage to the tooth and take care to eat only soft foods until such time as we are able to repair it for you.

If you do have a crown that becomes detached or have any other urgent dental needs, please give our dental practice in Westbury Park, Bristol a call on 0117 330 3495 and we will endeavour to find you an appointment as quickly as we possibly can.