Month: January 2015

The Tooth Structure

How different parts of the tooth can be compromised in different ways.

A tooth is essentially made up of three parts; the enamel, the dentin and the pulp. Each of these are susceptible to different dental problems and we discuss these and the corrective treatments that we provide at our convenient Bristol dentists below.


The enamel of the tooth is the hard exterior, or the shell if you prefer. It is, in effect, the protector of the more sensitive parts of the tooth and, as such, it is important to keep it strong and healthy. Provided this is done, the chances of other dental issues occurring is reduced.

Cleaning and flossing the teeth are important and failure to do so may cause the enamel to decay. When this happens, it may break off and leave the inner parts of the tooth exposed and open to infection.

At Beau Monde Dental Care, we repair any teeth that have decay by removing the decayed part of the tooth and filling this with a strong tooth coloured filling which will help to protect the tooth. The use of tooth coloured fillings, rather than amalgam, also leaves the teeth looking natural.


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Enlighten Home Teeth Whitening

An effective teeth whitening system available from our Bristol dentists.

At Beau Monde Dental Care, one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures is teeth whitening. Because it is fast acting and non invasive, it is often the first choice of dental patients from Bristol who are looking to improve their smile.

Currently, there are two main methods of performing this procedure. The first of which is done within our Bristol dental practice where we use the Wy10 procedure.

This procedure takes just one hour and is very fast acting. Whilst, for many people, this procedure alone is highly effective, ongoing home whitening combined with the ‘in-practice’ treatment can achieve optimal results.


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Dental Pain

Its causes and why it should not be ignored.

Although the nerves of a tooth make up just a tiny part of our body; when they become inflamed or infected, the pain caused can sometimes seem to completely consume us.

When dental pain is significant, even those with a fear of visiting the dentist are likely to go. When the discomfort is less though, it can be tempting to simply take painkillers and hope that it will go away.

Even minor pain though is likely to indicate a problem that needs to be dealt with and, by making an appointment to see one of our Bristol dentists at Beau Monde Dental Care, not only will we be able to treat you quickly, thereby alleviating the pain; but are also likely to prevent further damage being done to the tooth.

Speedy appointments

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