Month: December 2014

Caring for Your Teeth in Winter

Teeth sensitivity – dental challenges during Winter.

Although we should probably be prepared for it, Winter still sometimes seems to be a bit of a surprise when it arrives.

Whilst most of us will wrap up and get through winter without too many problems, it is a time when we notice a rise in patients visiting our Bristol dental practice due to the effects of the cold weather.


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Beau Monde Dental Care – The Bristol Family Dental Practice

Why choosing us as your dentist can benefit you and your children.

Although we are often described as a cosmetic dentist, this can sometimes distract from the fact that we also put a strong emphasis on dental care for all of the family.

Whilst our work does include procedures such as teeth whitening or dental veneers to ensure the best aesthetic results, the actual health of a patient’s teeth and mouth are extremely important to us and is our main focus.

Adult dental care

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Prevention of Dry Mouth for Good Oral Health

A preventable problem such as dry mouth can have a negative impact on your teeth.

In general, our mouths are kept moist by the production of saliva. It plays an important part in maintaining our oral health by washing away food particles, along with the bacteria that form in our mouths.

Occasionally, our mouths may become dry and, whilst we probably think of this as little more than a slightly unpleasant feeling, the reality is that it can do damage to our teeth and gums over a period of time.

The good news is that dry mouth is, on the whole, largely avoidable and, provided they are noticed in the early stages, some of the problems caused by dry mouth can be treated in a relatively straightforward manner.

Symptoms of a Dry Mouth

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