Month: November 2014

Our Essential Dental Support Staff

The role of the dental nurse in our Bristol practice

Visiting the dentist has, over the past twenty years or so, become much more than simply having a check up and possibly a filling to keep a tooth sufficiently strong and functional.

These days, patients expect significantly more from their dentist and, accordingly, the role of a general dentist has developed to cover a wider range of procedures than previously.

Inevitably, this has resulted in speciality fields such as endodontics and oral surgeons and the role of the supporting staff has become even more essential than before to enable the dentist to focus on the complex job in hand.

Anxious dental patients

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Strengthening a Broken Tooth with a Dental Crown

When a simple filling is not enough to restore a badly damaged tooth.

During our lifetime, most people will have a filling or two. The lucky few with naturally resilient teeth may, with the addition of good oral care, avoid these, but for most of us, fillings are a likely consequence of our daily eating habits, especially if we have a sweet tooth!

At Beau Monde Dental Care, our patients have the benefit of being able to have tooth coloured fillings to replace the dark coloured amalgam ones that are commonly used to fill a tooth and which can spoil an otherwise healthy smile.

These tooth coloured fillings have improved greatly over the years and offer a level of strength almost equal to that of amalgam. Even this improvement though may not be sufficient if  a tooth has been badly broken or decayed and there is insufficient natural tooth remaining for the filling to bond to.

Dental Crowns

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Healthy Diets and Your Teeth

Did you know that even a ‘healthy’ diet can cause oral health problems?

When we think of a healthy diet, we generally mean one that is relatively low in fat, and certainly saturated fat, but high in fresh fruits and vegetable. Sugar and too many carbohydrates are also usually ruled out too.

Although there is general agreement that this does constitute a healthy diet, is this also the case when it comes to our oral health?


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