Smokers Teeth – How Your Local Bristol Dentist Can Help

What to do when discolouration of the teeth is significant?

There was a time when smoking forty cigarettes a day was considered pretty much normal. Of course, at this time, the full negative effects on people’s health was only beginning to be understood.

Over time though, with more health information being widely available and with the cost of cigarettes become very expensive indeed, more and more people have stopped smoking.

Having smoked for some time though does leave a legacy and the unfortunate ones may still suffer some health problems caused by their former habit.

Nearly all though who smoked on a regular basis, will have one unpleasant side effect that lingers and that is a case of ‘smokers teeth’.


For those ex smokers who have firmly and permanently stopped smoking, this permanent reminder can be very annoying and, no matter how well they clean their teeth, the staining does not seem to get any better.

Through the use of modern cosmetic dentistry available at our Bristol dentist practice, this discolouration can be reversed, leaving little trace of your former smoking days.

The first step in this process is to arrange a consultation at Beau Monde Dental Care. Here, we will examine your teeth in order to make an informed choice as to the best way to proceed.


Where there is a good chance of success, a teeth whitening procedure is nearly always the best starting point. This is because it is speedy, non invasive and one of the most affordable cosmetic dental treatments available.

This rapid whitening treatment should whiten your teeth by up to six shades, depending on individual circumstances.

Whilst this is successful in many ex smokers; for those whose habit was heavy, and especially those who smoked non filtered products such as roll up cigarettes, pipes or cigars, this may still show some improvement but is perhaps unlikely to achieve the whiteness that was hoped for.

In order to achieve this, a more complex procedure using dental veneers is called for. This treatment involves removing the front enamel of the heavily stained teeth and replacing it with a fine layer of tooth coloured porcelain. This is then smoothed and polished to give a very realistic tooth like appearance.

If you used to be a smoker and have now stopped and would like to take advantage of modern cosmetic treatments to whiten your teeth, please give Beau Monde Dental Care of Bristol a call on 0117 330 3495.