Caring for Your Teeth in Winter

Teeth sensitivity – dental challenges during Winter.

Although we should probably be prepared for it, Winter still sometimes seems to be a bit of a surprise when it arrives.

Whilst most of us will wrap up and get through winter without too many problems, it is a time when we notice a rise in patients visiting our Bristol dental practice due to the effects of the cold weather.


One of the most common problems caused by the cold, is that of sensitivity. Although breathing in fresh cold air can be refreshing, if you have sensitive teeth, it can also cause discomfort. This can be magnified when, on returning home, we have a hot cup of tea to warm us up as this is also likely to affect sensitive teeth as well.

Whilst some people have naturally sensitive teeth there are also cases where sensitivity is caused by acid eroding the enamel of the teeth. Prevention is the best way to avoid this discomfort with regular, gentle brushing to remove residual food products which can play a part. Regular check ups at Beau Monde Dental Care in Bristol will also allow us to help you manage the problem.

If you have sensitive teeth already, it may be worth trying some of the toothpastes which reduce sensitivity. We will be able to offer more advice about this after examining your teeth.

In cases where erosion on the front of the teeth is extensive, it may be worth considering dental veneers to replace the damaged enamel. This would also have the added bonus of giving you a nice white smile.


During colder weather, we are less inclined to eat healthily and often opt for ‘comfort foods’ which can have a fairly high sugar content. It is worth keeping this in mind and making sure that you stay on top of your oral health regime, including regular brushing and flossing.


With Winter often comes bad weather, sometimes in the form of snow and ice. This can prove very difficult, both in a car and on foot.

One of the most common dental accidents that we see at Beau Monde Dental Care during freezing weather is caused by people chipping or breaking a tooth after slipping, and falling, on ice.

If this should happen to you, first of all asses any damage done and make sure that you visit the A&E department of your hospital if you feel that you may have broken a bone or have hit your head.

If you are not otherwise injured though, but have broken or chipped a tooth, call our Bristol practice on  0117 330 3495 and we will do our best to see you as soon as possible.

Whilst some chipped or damaged teeth may be repairable using our tooth coloured fillings, other options are available for more extensive damage if necessary. These include dental crowns to strengthen a badly broken tooth, or dental veneers for teeth that have been chipped beyond the repair of simpler methods such as cosmetic bonding.

We hope, of course, that you will have an accident free Winter, but, should you need us, we are here to help you.