Dental Pain

Its causes and why it should not be ignored.

Although the nerves of a tooth make up just a tiny part of our body; when they become inflamed or infected, the pain caused can sometimes seem to completely consume us.

When dental pain is significant, even those with a fear of visiting the dentist are likely to go. When the discomfort is less though, it can be tempting to simply take painkillers and hope that it will go away.

Even minor pain though is likely to indicate a problem that needs to be dealt with and, by making an appointment to see one of our Bristol dentists at Beau Monde Dental Care, not only will we be able to treat you quickly, thereby alleviating the pain; but are also likely to prevent further damage being done to the tooth.

Speedy appointments

Where possible, we will always try to see patients who are in pain as soon as we feasibly can. To enable us to make an appointment quickly, you should always call us straight away rather than waiting to see if the pain goes away.

With the best will in the world though, even a same day appointment may mean a few hours wait and this time can certainly drag if you are in pain. To help control dental pain in the short term, taking over the counter painkillers should ease the discomfort and make it bearable. Your pharmacist will be able to advise the most suitable one for you.

If the pain is considered to be caused by damage to the tooth such as from a blow to the face or a fall, an ice pack may help to relieve any swelling too.

Preventative care

Whilst some dental pain is unavoidable, such as that caused by accidents, the majority of it can be avoided through both good dental care and regular check ups at Beau Monde Dental Care.

By examining your teeth on a regular basis, we are able to offer any appropriate advice about how to care for your teeth, for example, adding flossing to your cleaning regime; but also to treat any problematic teeth at an early stage rather than when the issue becomes more serious (and quite likely more painful!)

Positive dental visits

Whilst some people are afraid of visiting the dentist, this is very often due to having had to have an invasive procedure, very often when the teeth have been neglected and not checked by a dentist for many years.

Although very few people actually enjoy visiting a dentist; at our Bristol dental practice, we aim to help people to relax during their visit. Provided that these are kept regularly, any treatment needed will hopefully be minimal and should cause little discomfort.

Whether you have dental pain or have not seen your local dentist in Bristol for some time, we are happy to see you. Why not give us a call on 0117 330 3495 and arrange an appointment to visit us? We’ll be pleased to help.