Eight Ways to Damage Your Teeth

A quick list of things you should NOT do if you want strong and healthy teeth.

There are many lists on the internet of things to do to keep your teeth clean and healthy. Few of these though cover the things that a surprising amount of people do on a regular basis which make a large contribution to the poor health of their teeth.

Although some of these may appear light hearted; the fact is that the damage that can be done to your teeth by these things is certainly no laughing matter. Sadly, we have seen the result of some of these at our very own Bristol dental practice!

1. Neglect cleaning your teeth

This should go without saying. By not cleaning your teeth, not only are you allowing the acids in food to attack the enamel of the teeth, eventually causing decay and pain, but you are also almost certain to suffer from gum disease at some point – which is the biggest cause of tooth loss in this country.

2. Use non fluoride toothpaste

Whilst some people feel that fluoride is not healthy, any dentist will tell you that it is a major contributor to the strength of the enamel of our teeth. Using a non fluoride toothpaste will mean thinner enamel which will be more easily eroded, leading to an increase in the number of fillings and extractions required.

3. Use superglue to repair a detached crown

Yes, people actually do this! superglue is very strong and also contains chemicals which can damage the teeth. The chance of a patient aligning their crown correctly too is very small and because of the power of superglue, this will lead to an unnecessarily long, and potentially uncomfortable, removal process to remove the crown and re-attach correctly with dental cement.

4. Don’t bother flossing

Take note the 80% of us that don’t do this. Flossing of the teeth is an easy and effective way of removing foodstuff that is trapped between our teeth. Not only will this help prevent decay but also the removal of the bacteria that causes gum disease. If you have tried and struggle to floss, talk to us at Beau Monde Dental Care for advice or to discuss alternative methods.

5. Open bottles with your teeth

This goes without saying really, unless you do want to break your teeth of course!

6. Have your tongue pierced

We don’t want to appear to be killjoys but having a tongue piercing can have a negative impact on your teeth. Metal piercings increase the risk of breakages of the teeth but also, as the mouth is a haven of bacteria, the risk of infection is increased. Lip piercings are also best avoided for similar reasons.

7. Smoke tobacco

Smoking can have a number of effects on our teeth, all of them negative. Whilst smoking can discolour teeth, this can, at least be corrected by our in house teeth whitening procedure. More significant damage is likely to be caused by the increase in infections and the risk of gum disease, not to mention smelly breath!

8. Eat sugar

This had to be on the list didn’t it! Sugar is still one of the major causes of tooth decay as it creates the acid that attacks the enamel of our teeth. Whilst we generally assume that these sugars are to be found in cakes and sweets, they are also present in some healthy foods such as fruit and fruit juices.

Most people do, in fact, find it hard to avoid sugar for any number of reasons. Our advice is to limit your consumption and to ensure that you clean and floss your teeth regularly to minimise the damage that it can do.

And, of course, please ensure that you visit our Bristol dental clinic for regular checks to ensure that your teeth remain strong and healthy for a long time to come.