Month: March 2015

Good News for Nervous Dental Patients from Bristol

Sedation dentistry now available at Beau Monde Dental Care.

Those of you who follow our Facebook page may have noticed a recent post noting that Dr Catherine Spalding is now able to administer sedation for nervous dental patents at our Bristol dental surgery.

Why is this such a good thing? Well, let’s take a look at some facts.

The reality is that more than a quarter of us in the UK are afraid of dental visits. This is understandable, and even many dentists don’t look forward to them.

Whilst most of us do go through with our appointments, however nervous we feel about them, for some, the levels of anxiety are high enough that they simply avoid them.

Preventative care

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Straighter Teeth with Modern Orthodontics – Six Month Smiles

Highly visible braces are now a thing of the past at Beau Monde Dental in Bristol

Many of us who can still remember the school dentist can also remember a few fellow pupils who suffered the indignity of having to wear dental braces.

Back then, these were highly visible and could result in embarrassment and, on occasions, even bullying.

Whilst their use was to benefit the wearer in the long term, by straightening out crooked and uneven teeth; for many people, any positive effects were negated by the experiences they suffered whilst wearing them.

Modern orthodontics

Whilst there are still probably many people in the Bristol area who can recall this type of dental brace, things have certainly changed since then and, at Beau Monde Dental Care, we are now able to offer one of the most popular of the new range of modern adult orthodontics to our patents; the Six Months Smiles cosmetic braces system.

In fact, we are a recognised provider of this product and, as such, you can be assured of top quality care when it comes to straightening your teeth.

Why Six Months?

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Reasons for Using a Local Dentist

A Bristol dentist offers their perspective.

Sometimes it can seem as though the world is a smaller place. Most of us, for example, no longer buy our books from a local bookshop, but, instead, go online to order them.

Thankfully, technology has got a very long way to go before you can have your dental procedures done online, and most of us still prefer to use a dentist in our own locality rather than travel.

With the emphasis on ‘choice’ these days though; is this a good idea or not?


One of the main factors for people using a dentist near to where they live, or work, is simply convenience. This is understandable as most of us are ‘time poor’ these days, juggling a job with our family duties and social life.

This alone though should not be sufficient reason for choosing a dentist, however important it is to you.

Your dental care should be your main focus of concern and you should always choose a dentist that you feel happy with.

Our Bristol dental practice

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